Cameron Highland (CH) Farewell Trip – May’10

Recalling so much memories when writing this post.   Although it was a short trip but a good one with my dear family.

Before the trip, we came out with so many ideas life cooking steamboat or curry chicken to bring to CH like going for picnic LOL. But everyone was too lazy so end up never materialise.

On our way to CH, we stopped by Perak for lunch.

Famous Pan Chan Duck Noodle!! I personally think the taste is not as good as last time le.  They also sell all sort of biscuits such as chicken biscuits and etc.

On the way to CH…flower farm visit

Hotel De La Ferns.  Sounds very high class hor?   This is actually a boutique hotel with limited facilities but simple and affordable.   If you prefer something better, there is another hotel – Cameron Highland Resorts by YTL.

My precious hello kitty biscuits from Japan.  My niece finished them within seconds =(

Day 2 

Morning Market and strawberry farm are compulsory to go in CH.

BOH tea plantation.  Highly recommended to go! Can you all spot the two superman??

Strawberry moment.  Yummy yummy strawberry struddel!

Strawberry fresh juice and milk shake!

Strawberry ice cream OMG!!

I never had so much strawberries dessert before in my life. I’m lovin it =D

Bye bye my dear niece…