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Taiwan is one of my wish-list travel destinations.  I have been following Taiwan variety show for more than 10 years and can’t wait to try all the night market food!

Our very first itinerary but too much information!

Heard so much about Singapore Airline (SQ)-one the best airlines in the world, but I have never experience before simply because it is too expensive!  I never ever dare to think (truly honest) that I will be able to travel with SQ in my life.  Another reason is more long-haul destinations are now covered by budget airlines so why pay more?

My fellow colleagues are travel-holics and they travelled at least 2 times a year.  So they will have the most up-to-date flight promotion information of major airlines including Qatar wtf (BTW Qatar is chosen to be the 2012 best airline)!  From their daily discussion, I came to know about this SQ promotion to Taiwan. Returns flight for SGD400 all in (now is selling for SGD800)!  For sure, good things never come cheap.  The departing/ returning time was super bad!  But I don’t care…I NEED A BREAK BEFORE STARTING MY NEW JOB! SQ here I come LOL

2 meals (supper and breakfast), including beer and wine were served.  Ok now I have experienced it I can tell you actually SQ is not that great as described (maybe because this is an old aircraft?)

We arrived too early but can only check in at 1pm. So the hotel staff asked us whether we are willing to top-up (about SGD20 per day) for a newly renovated premium room.  At first I was quite hesitate because the reason why we choose 5D4N trip (instead of a week or longer) was to save on accommodation.  To maximise our time in Taiwan, we have no choice.

Hotel Royal Taipei at Chung Shan North Road.  About 5 mins walk to the Chung Shan mrt only (central mrt).  This is the second best room I stayed so far (the best one would be in Bali in my later post).  Super comfortable bed!

Toiletries by L’occitane can you believe it or not?  Quite delighted because I never expect that Taiwan hotel standard to be that good.

Xi Men Ding (西門町)

A well-known hang out and shopping place for the youngsters. The weather was damn hot (try not to go Taiwan in Jul which is summer).  I am so hungry and gave up finding the famous Oyster (Oh Ar) Mee Sua so we decided to settle our lunch at this fine dining Japanese restaurant.








Surprisingly delicious!  Quite pricey so we decided to order 1 person’s portion to share and try out other snacks later.

Taiwan version of the Koi bubble tea but is called ’50 Gang’

See what I bought so cheap less than SGD10 per piece! Can match Bangkok hor?

Dinner at Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)

I have been watching Taiwanese food programs for more than 10 years and finally I got to try all of them…happy die me!

They are reasonably nice and cheap but not as fantastic as described one lor.  But overall worth trying.


To go around Taipei, it is very common to hire a private driver (normally they are taxi driver).  We too have a private driver to bring us around from 9am to 6pm.

Our 1 day trip covered Yehliu (野柳), Jiufen (九份) and Shifen (十分)

First stop at Yehliu

The weather was super duper hot but tourists were all queuing (no shelter) just to take photos with the queen’s head (女王頭)!   I still ask myself now what is so special about it?

We had this Ice-blended mango at Yehliu.   Hot weather + Cold dessert = Brain FREEZED! LOL

Second stop Jiufen

I don’t know how to describe the buildings but you can see from the picture.  The structure of the buildings is very unique in shape, design and height.  Just like you and me LOL

I have to repeat that July is really not a good time to go Taipei because the weather is so hot and yet rain occasionally.  So we had our lunch at Ah Mei tea house restaurant.

Refreshing citrus drink…love it =)

Some kind of rice can’t remember what it is called!

More snacks…

Third stop Gold mine!

On our way to see the giant gold bar…

Deng Deng Deng!!! I will be shaking my legs if this gold bar is mine OMG.

Forth stop Shifen waterfall

I don’t think I see any waterfall but this place is famous for its handmade sky lantern of all sizes from mini to big (as small as a key chain and as big as a table!).

Bought a mini one for our house.  The chinese words mean ‘ever happy and all wishes come true’. Cute or not?

YUMMY fried octopus and fish balls =)

Dinner at Shida Night Market (師大路夜市)


First stop Beitou Hot Springs (北投)


Second stop Danshui (淡水)


Minced meat rice so yummy =)

Ah Ge (stuffed tofu with some vermicelli on top) – Taiwan local food.  Delicious =)

I was so excited to know that there is a Naraya outlet in Tamsui (please don’t laugh at me because I never been to Thailand except for Phuket at that time).

Third stop Yu Ren Ma Tou (渔人码头)


Day 4


MOS for lunch

We went to Wufenpu (五分埔) and Shida Night Market (師大路夜市) again to do our last minute shopping but end up also didn’t manage to buy anything =(

So we went back hotel for dinner.

Some miscellaneous items and foods…

See what I bought from Naraya shop!

Back to Singapore. Our in-flight meal =)

TIPS for 4IN1BLOG readers:

1. If you don’t like wholesale shopping, you don’t need to go to WU FEN PU because you don’t get to try the cloths.

2. I prefer to shop at Xi Men Ding instead where you can get local designer outfits and you can try all you like.

3. If you are into Korean fashion, you may go SHIDA but the price is comparable to Singapore.

4. Must visit YU REN MA TOU!  The most memorable place for my Taipei trip so far.

Bye guys!