Langkawi Birthday Celeration Trip 3D2N – Feb’12

Dear readers, I just wanted to share my feelings at the time of writing this post.  I have a broken heart today.  I think not today only. To be accurate, it is every time I use the laptop of more than 5 years.  Each alphabet of the keypad is starting to drop off and my laptop failed me each time I write a post =(

I have been to Langkawi before but it was loooong loooong time ago. So sis and I have decided to revisit Langkawi again to celebrate my dad’s birthday =D

It is pretty near to fly to Langkawi (about 2 hours flight).  But…I took 2 flights (including transit at KL) OMG! Seriously no joke.  Cut long story short.  My initial booking with MAS thru ZUJI (travel agent) was cancelled by MAS due to permanent removal of direct flight from Singapore to Langkawi wtf!  So I need to fly from Singapore to KL to Langkawi, same for return wtf.  First time travel with MAS was a real nightmare!

Our Langkawi itinerary. Super professional rite!  It was so useful all credit to our trip planner cum driver LOL.

We rented a MPV (Mazda) for 3 days.  No insurance is available so you have to drive at your own risk guys!

Checked in to this beautiful hotel – WESTIN!  Room included breakfast for two costs about RM800 per night!  First time staying at this kind of expensive hotel! LOL


Complimentary champagne 🙂

Westin has a private beach…beautiful views 🙂

Lunch at Charlie’s Palace at Royal Langkawi Yacht Club.

Lamb shank.  The meat not quite tender!

House special nasi lemak.

Dinner at Orchid Ria Seafood Restaurant.

Tiger prawns!!!


Vege soup.  Not nice.


Kailan garlic


Steamed ‘Soon Hock’ fish in Teow Chew style.  It became the default fish that we will order because my dad cannot accept Seabass and all that!!!


King Prawn.  Yummy!!!

Day 2

We had breakfast in the hotel (with champage somemore!)

I made them wake up early in the morning so that we can visit the famous Langkawi Sky Bridge.  I don’t even know there is a bridge in Langkawi!   Again, credit to our planner for all the hardwork *kan dong* But he forgot to remind us to bring our sport shoe for hiking so all of us end up wearing slippers and heels. Cool rite.

Fantastic view from the bridge!

We skipped the eagle feeding activity.  Our trip planner brought us to this Fish Farm restaurant instead.  You’ll only need to dine at their restaurant and you’ll get free boat transfer, Fish Farm and Mangrove tour + a Malay speaking tour guide for the entire fish tour!

I initially also thought nothing much we can see since it is free but I was totally wrong!  I have never seen so many types of fish before in my life!

Believe it or not…this fish can talk one! Or maybe not talking but breathing (with sound?)

Fantastic lunch (but no pictures because we were too hungry!).  Although no air-con but love the kampungly atmosphere =D

KuahTown for duty free shopping! Shopped like nobody business okay my mum even bought a sarung and I don’t think it is duty free one lor!

Time to go back to enjoy the hotel facilities since we paid so much for the hotel.  While the rest of them decided to take a nap, sis and I decided to show off our bikini since we have bought it and not put into use yet!

. . . . . .

. . . . .

. . . .

. . .

. .


No picture! No picture! LOL We are not sexy enough to show you all this kind of picture ha!

Awesome Japanese fine dining for dinner.

I forgot to mention because this trip was meant to celebrate my dad’s birthday, sis and I actually came out with an idea: Theme dinner *HAWAII* Sounds abit crazy rite only 6 of us but never mind LOL. Somemore I ownself sponsored all the Hawaii shirts and accessories just to made up for the theme 😦









Best dress winner goes to……of cos birthday boy la.

Free 20 mins foot massage at hotel in-house spa. We want mooore actually haha.  Okay we’ll do it in our next Bangkok trip k!

My dad never expects this last surprise…

Mum did not do a great job in coordinating this surprise (she was supposed to switch off the room lights but she failed *disappointed*)

Fruits cakes and finger foods

Of cos dad was so happy for all these surprise after surprise that we have arranged for him.  Thank you our trip planner.  Thank you sis for your effort.  Thank you all of you made this celebration trip so successful =)


TIPS for 4IN1BLOG readers:

Sky bridge and Fish Farm Restaurant must go!

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