I have been to Penang island many years ago (that time Queensbay Mall still not up yet). That was for an assignment when I just graduated and joined the company less than 2 weeks wtf!

I got a shocked when I see how developed Queensbay Mall, to be exact Penang today is. Property booming and even the food booming wtf!

I shall not side track. I should talk about all the nice food I had in Penang. Lol

Checked in to Sunway Hotel Georgetown.


1We are lucky because the hotel rooms just renovated. But all other facilities (pool, gym and restaurant) are still under renovation =( We were having breakfast in the ground floor where the roof was leaking!!! I think it will be better if the hotel is fully renovated and completion expected to be mid 2013. Hope the hotel won’t increase the price then.

Spot the lamp? Huge table lamp on the floor? Lol

Normally I don’t list down the price for hawker food but I will do it this time round for a reason (Be mindful that the food portion is quite small one).

Lunch at New Lane, Georgetown



Laksa @ RM3.50

Prawn Mee @ RM3.50


Oyster Omelette @ RM8.50. OMG I can’t believe it is that expensive!


Apong (4 for RM2)


Lala @ RM18. This is another unexpected one but still can take it consider that the lala is quite fat la.

And one tin of hundred plus costs RM2.50. I seriously think this coffee shop is trying to ‘chop’ tourists.


Dinner at Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.



From left to right: Coconut, Popiah, Satay, Indian Rojak, Fruits Rojak, Oyster Omelette, Char Keow Teow and Grilled Fish.


Hard Rock Hotel.


Drinks at Hard Rock Café.

16Cover charge RM35 per pax free 1 glass of beer/ wine/ hard liquor. They are having promotion for Mar and April 2013 – buy 1 tower of Carlsberg free cover charge for 2 persons.

I know it sound funny we had porridge in Penang. But we had too much sourness, saltiness and heatiness food until all of us kena diarrhea! We are not sure whether is due to the food we had or simply our stomach not strong enough.

Dinner at Zhou Restaurant (粥杰倫) 68A Jalan Macalister Road (Georgetown)

Minced Fish, Corriander Minced Meat and Pumpkin & Frog Congee (around RM8 –  10 per pot)

After a dinner rest, we continue to hunt for more food.


KTG Char Koay Teow @ $8 (Lorong Selamat)

This is ridiculous! The most expensive Char Keow Teow I had in hawker stall in my life! According to my understanding, duck egg is used instead of the normal chicken egg. And most of the time needs to queue for more than 1 hour! I will definitely not queue for it because it is not my type of Char Keow Teow! Too dry and can’t taste the freshness of the clam at all.


Ghee Hiang at 216 Jalan Macalister Road (Georgetown)


Tau Sar Pneah, Tau Sar Pneah (small), Hneoh Pneah and Beh Teh Saw.

I think I prefer Him Heang but it was closed on Sunday! So sad 😦

18Kek Lok Si Temple at Air Itam

Penang has become an amazing city in such a short period of time man @_@



We never plan to take our wedding photos in Bali honestly! In fact, I didn’t expect there will be a proposal before our Bali trip and we booked our flights before the proposal.

The proposal was on last year 11.11.11. We only thought of the pre-wedding shoot not until March this year. I thought I want something special for my pre-wedding shoot and at the same time no need to incur so much money. Then only we thought maybe we could fit in the wedding shoot in our Bali trip! Anyway, will share more in a separate post.

Checked in to Courtyard by Marriott Bali Nusa Dua.



Very spacious room


Breakfast area

Love this hotel =)

The only downside of this hotel is the location (Nusa Dua-South). You will find it painful if you want to travel to Kuta town (North) because there is only one road and the road always massive jam one wtf!


This picture was taken early in the morning one.  Don’t be misled by it.

We were supposed to reach the studio in the afternoon to choose the venue and gown for our photo shoot the next day. But the crazy jams made us super late wtf!


Late dinner at the nearby coffee shop.

We spent the whole day 2 for photo shoot. Super tired!!!

We hired a driver to bring us around Bali in day 3.


Ubud Market


Lunch at Ibu Oka.


Babi Guling. Famous food in Bali but I think I prefer Ayam Penyet lol.


OMG see how big is the piggy!


Kintamani Volcano

The weather is cooling but not much things you can do there. They should have developed this place with some cafes or bars for the tourists.

The bicycles took by our driver nice or not? I think Bali drivers do earn some commission for bringing customers to massage, restaurant and etc and can be a little pushy.


Tegalalang Padi Field


Jimbaran Beach.  Had a grilled corn before dinner =)

Dinner at LIA. The best dinner for our Bali trip 🙂 But be mindful of the 2 set of menu pricing that they have!


Yum! Delicious =)

One Bintang beer please!

As you can see we only managed to visit 2 places only!!! We spent most of the time in the car. Bali super jam one  -___-


Took free hotel shuttle to Marriott private beach.


Full body massage at Bodyworks

My brilliant HTB brought me to this massage place at Kuta that he claimed to be MUST-GO. Took us almost 2 hours to reach! Ya it’s cheaper but the place very weird and I don’t like it -__-

I then recalled that the taxi driver has already warned us that it would be quite expensive to travel all the way down to Kuta to do massage only! There are so many massage places in Nusa Jaya. We thought he is trying to sell us something again and my HTB lied to him we have paid for the massage so MUST GO! The taxi driver is indeed correct and we should have listened to him.

After the massage, we had a quick lunch at the nearby restaurant before heading for photo collection.

Lunch @ La Lucciola


I love this bread! Yummy X2


Lychee drink very refreshing!



We planned to have dinner at Bumbu Bali but were fully booked so we went to Bali Collection to do our last minute shopping!


At the end, we skipped dinner and room service for supper instead.


Room service superb.


Heading back home.  Love this Nasi Briyani we had in the Air Asia flight =) I think only available in flight from Indonesia.