Scooting to Taiwan(Taichung) Nov’12 – Day 3 & 4


Precious sun!  Rain (almost whole) two day 1 and day 2 continously already wtf!


Just love the weather 🙂 Yes our taxi driver was back to pick us up in day 3.


We were at 3275 meters high at Wuling (武嶺), He Huan Shan.

Can’t remember how cold it was…but I remember my hands almost freezed!

I will feed you with more breathtaking pictures  🙂








Thank you for the sun!  Otherwise, we will left empty handed with such horrible weather.


We were at Hua Lien the next minute 🙂

If you don’t find something wrong with my statement above, I am 99% sure you have not been to Taichung!

It was just a bluff signage on the way back from He Huan Shan.  We were way way away from Hua Lien!


The Old England – one of the most expensive villas in Ching Jing.


Now you get what I mean?  So pretty!


For those who did not have a chance to stay at this beautiful villa, you still can go for a relaxing weekend English hightea (how I hope I can be a tai tai -__- )


Lunch at (see the signage).


MUSHROOMS FIESTA!  I love the mushroom sausage 腊肠 (top middle picture above).


Tai Chung windmill. Nothing so special about this place but took very long drive there.  My personal opinion is that you can skip this place.


Check-in to our boutique hotel, Inn One (文華道會館), Taichung.

106Simple room.  But location is pretty good just within the Feng Jia night market (the biggest night market in Taichung)!


(Street) food hunting starts!

I will introduce the food as well as the stall with my pictures below.  So kind of me 🙂


Oyster Mee Sua (肥妈妈麵線), Grill giant squid, Sea salt lala and some pork meat wrapz (forgot from which stall).  Taste not bad la.


Smelly tofu (臭豆腐), Duck meat wrapz and pork blood cake (direct translation Lol!).  Not a fan of these weird food so no comment.


将军噜味, BBQ boneless chicken wing and big sausage wrap small sausage-大肠包小肠 (first impression I seriously thought BIG sausage wrap small sausage. Got cheated bigtime lor. It was glutinous rice wrap sausage only wtf! ).

Apparently, the stalls were quite crowded!!!  Overrated lor….


Yam dessert – mix flavour (综合) and sliced green mango with sugar. I will like anything to do with YAM-MANGO-SUGAR Lol!

A big park in the city of Taichung (and raining so sick of it already!)





Went to a few temples but all closed on Monday!  I never know temple got rest day one because I always visit the Tian Ho temple in Malaysia anytime I want (even Chinese New Year wtf!).


So ended up taking picture with temple gate wtf!


Had lunch at one random stall (quite sick of 噜味 already Lol!)

But the bubble tea quite special (white pearl).


Had this near our hotel.  Prawn dumplings quite yummy and juicy, and so cheap!

生煎包 opposite of this dumpling stall.  Quite juicy too!


This is the exclusive Hello Kitty flight from Taiwan to Japan only (by EVA AIR)!  I have no intention to promote EVA air but the stupid big EVA AIR word was on the picture wtf!  I am so angry because never invite me to promote their flight!  I wanted so badly to take this super cute flight to Japan IMMEDIATELY when I was in Taipei airport.

I think I am quite good to end with this picture lei.

You know why? So happen I will be jetting off to Japan tonight OMG!  I really never expect this day to come so fast.  I still can’t believe I will be going to Japan OMG!  It is too awesome.  All thanks to Ah Gong lor…hehe…alien language here.


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