Mum’s 59th birthday at Perth, Australia

Penguin island ~ Pinnacles ~ Harbour Town

Actually I am quite demotivated to blog about this trip because all my freaking photos got deleted so I left absolutely nothing to blog about *super upset*. I even cried about this -__- However, look at the bright side. It make my post a lot simpler, which I can finish it in one post wtf. Been to Perth once (Wildlife park and Margaret river). So did not really cover a lot of places for this visit.  Very free and easy trip.


Mini Disneyland setting. So beautiful and lovely. Thank you niece, nephew and of cause the mother, spent the whole night getting the deco and balloons up.

Getting ready for the biggest food fiesta. You might want to prepare a napkin nao!


Preparing to cook them!




Mushroom with big onion


Grilled prawn


BBQ beef


Chili Mussels with french loaf


Cheese-baked crabs


Grilled Salmon, squid and prawn


Cheese-baked lobsters. So heavenly OMG!


Wow.  I call this as “big meal” ok.


The meal will not complete without this okay!  Another nice Brown Brother wine. The food are not just delicious but meaningful. There is a little story behind this meal, i.e. the chef. This meal was prepared by a person who basically did not know how to cook at all (except maggi mee la).


The chef. Lol!  He was in his custome of the day :p


Awesome baskin robbin is awesome! Our irreplaceable flavour – Jamaica Almond Fudge.  This cake is the prettiest and cutest cake that I have seen.  My mum was so touched. Mummy we love you.

Day 2.  Paid to see the penguins at Penguin island (Rockingham)


But we saw dolphin! How lucky are we. 


Before we can see any penguin, we saw tons of birds (pelican and osprey) and its SHITS all around the island wtf! See who so lucky kena first prize Lol.


Fantastic 8!  So excited to see penguins (all in our mind is those big fat penguins living in Antarctica).


OMG why the penguins so small one!  Are they babies?  Where are their father and mother?  But they are seriously not! There are called the Little Penguin (Eudyptula minor) species. The smallest species of penguin that can be found in Australia. Some are 20+ years old but they cannot grow any bigger.


Best friend


Queing up for food (bluff)…


The greedy one.

Day 3.  Had Dim Sum in my favourite Dim Sum restaurant in Perth 🙂


One and the only picture left for your viewing pleasure :p

Then we went shopping at Harbour Town (to be correct at Nike shop only because Nike was having all items sale at 40% discount!!! I gone broke at only one single shop!)

Day 4. Pinnacles

Took about 3 hours drive from the city.


Here again Fantastic 8!  Preparing for our very first sandboarding experience at Lancelin.


Posing on the borderless sand desert…

Then we proceed to Pinnacles Desert. A big piece of land filled with tons of stones of different shapes and sizes. The weather was suprisingly cold and windy!


18 SX pose please!


Curious what these 2 big man were looking at….so we go closer….


Oh Kangaroo in the desert wtf.


Grab some “live” lobsters back.


The two unlucky lobsters got defeated by my brother!  You don’t really need to do anything except soak them in water for a while.  But the whole process was indeed quite horrifying to me -__-


Omg full of meat…


Words can’t describe the freshness of the meat.  The only way is you try it yourself!

Day 5. Nothing much.  We went shopping at Harbour Town again (this time round Nike was having all items 50% discount wtf!).  What my sister-in-law said is really true.  You can’t predict the sales in Harbour Town!

Day 6. Last day in Perth.  Nothing much except we went for house viewing (don’t be curious, this is indeed our family’s favourite activity).



Double bath sinks and rain shower wtf.  I will have them one day!


My sister’s love this kind of bed!

PICASA35Drawing exhibition by my niece.  So small know how to earn money already.

D1_15Last picture.  My nephew.  The hyperactive boy.

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