Japan Kyoto-Kobe-Osaka Aquarium

After Osaka Castle and Nara in my previous post, next is Kyoto!

To get to Kyoto station is only 15 mins train ride from Osaka. But to get to the places of attractions of Kyoto are really nightmare experience for me. Only accessible by bus (be prepared to be squeezed like a sushi) and distance between attractions are very far and most temples close at 4pm! This is why people said 1 day for Kyoto is definitely not enough.

Let me analyse for you.  If you love historical buildings and temples, atleast two days in Kyoto for you (to stay within/ not within is totally not an issue as I said only 15mins train ride).  To me, half day is more than enough to cover 1/2 major temples (maybe one day if you love shopping).


Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)

Golden Pavilion is a must visit attraction in Kyoto and need to pay for the entrace fee.  I know it is made of gold but I don’t find it too amazing because it is afterall man-made.


Saba sushi for lunch.

What is so special?  See it carefully…fish wrap rice wtf!  Nice but not fantastic.  If you miss this in Kyoto don’t worry, you will still able to find it in the supermarket.


Geisha in Gion.  You will be super lucky if you spot a geisha.  Too bad I am not 😦


The origins of Takashimaya wtf!



Togetsukyo 渡月桥

We miss the bamboo walk but just in time to catch the sunset 🙂

It is quite a distance from the train station.  This place is quite horrible with alot of flying insects I duno why!

Had late dinner near our hotel (Umeda).



Ahhh I give up. I conclude that I don’t know how to appreciate the takoyaki and okonomiyaki in Osaka style seriously!!!  They are of the similar taste – soggy, salty and too much dough!

Damn exhausted Kyoto and we decided one day trip is good enough (after those bus waiting and pushing).


Guess where are we now?

The land of cow’s god Lol – KOBE (神户市)!

We were in Kobe so how can we miss out the world renowned kobe beef (神户牛肉) !

One thing we always do in Singapore also happens in Japan, i.e. to queue for food wtf.


Brunch at Steakland (Award winning Kobe restaurant) – Wagyu Kobe beef set (come with white rice and coffee).

The raw red meat doesn’t scare me away for the first time (even it was cooked medium well).  Softtenderjuicy and just melt in your mouth.  Perfect proportion of the meat and fat! No wonder it was crowned as god’s beef wtf.

Not many Japanese restaurants have English name so I guess they are quite internationalized!

Lunch menu is half price of the dinner menu. In case you wondering why lunch (not dinner?). 

If still couldn’t imagine how does wagyu kobe beef look like?  Don’t worry, here’s an illustration.


Wagyu kobe beef that we had close to BMS #7 Grade 4.  Grade 4 good enough for me grade 5 too much fats.  Look so YUM hor?

After a scrumptious meal, we have only an afternoon left for either shopping or Osaka Aquarium.  So I insist we have to go Osaka Aquarium (although I am still thinking how good aquarium can be?)


Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

2,300 yen (SGD30).  Definetely value for money!  I will tell you why.


Rocks (not sure if there are natural)


Beautiful entrance


Biggest rat on earth wtf.


Once I saw these and totally convinced that I have made the right choice wtf!  So much bigger than those penguins I saw in Perth (AUD30 for the penguins island).


All kind of jelly fish


My favourite creatures of the day 🙂


Bought a whale key chain (P/S: no whale in the acquarium.  Whale can’t live in an acquarium)

Dinner near hotel again (Umeda).


Ramen and gyoza.  Both are average.

That’s how we spent four nights in Osaka and I shall end this post with the beautiful night scenery of Osaka :p


Next, please follow me to Tokyo!

5 thoughts on “Japan Kyoto-Kobe-Osaka Aquarium

      • I actually live in Southern California. I’ll be taking a 3-week trip to Japan in a couple of weeks. I’ll only be in Osaka for a day but plan on the taking the train over to Kobe for dinner that night. No more okonomiyaki/takoyaki for me!

      • Would it be in the LA? I have been there once many years ago 🙂 Only one day in Osaka! But dinner in Kobe is a great choice than having okonomiyaki/takoyaki :p Enjoy your holiday!

      • Thank you!

        I live in Orange County which is the county just south of LA. I usually only go up to LA to eat!

        Yes, for this trip I only have time to go to Osaka for a day. We’re just going to go and see the castle. Can’t wait to eat some good meat in Kobe!

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