Japan – the food I love!

#1 Egg ice cream in Mt. Hakone, matcha and vanilla milk ice cream in Osaka Castle


#2  Japan’s beers.  Never go wrong with Suntory Premium.


#3 Fresh blended juices at Shin-Osaka station.  Strawberry one is the best.  Hot drinks at convenient stores/ vending machines.


#4 Kyogashi (Ichigo daihuku) from Nara and Japan strawberries and melon!


#5  Rojak lol! Major love the wasabi sauce from Mcdonald.


#6 From Kyoto except the donut and cake.  The light cheesecake was bought in one of the supermarket in Umeda.


#7 Bento!  Last one beef bento was from Yoshinoya cheap and delicious!


#8 Souveniers


Tokyo banana (original flavour and caramel)

Kit Kat green tea, sakura and ichigo

Kyoto special round cake

Tiny dough cake from Namba

Nara biscuit

#9 Had them for supper omg!  Ippudo cup noodles wtf!  Must buy the first one.

76There are making me really hungry now!  I go grab a cup noodle :p

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