New Zealand (North Island Trip) – Rotorua Day 1 (Part 2)

We felt so fresh after a morning walk at Hahei.


Lunch at Tauranga town


Don’t be surprise there were loads of Turkish/ Mediterranean restaurants in NZ and AUS.


Salisbury Wharf


Brain-freeze time!


Say hello to the biggest kiwi on earth wtf!


Kiwi-yard wtf

Kiwi juice is best for people with constipation problem (ah to clarify I do not have constipation but it did clear my stomach instantly!)


Rotorua finally!  Checked in to Holiday Inn Hotel.

If i knew this is a tour group hotel, i wouldn’t stay here.  I don’t know why the moisture level was so high in our room that the carpet was wet all the time!!!


Say halo to the NZ-only animal, Mr Kiwi (*cheat one*) Lol!


Dinner at Rotorua town


Super yummy stone grill beef (hungry! hungry!)


Went for groceries hunt and we were all ready for the next two days’ breakfast wtf

Can’t wait to explore more of Rotorua!

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