Journey Ahead

Sitting in office, looking at my pc, and this thought strikes me again.

Being a working woman cum housewife, I have no time to think about all these (not that this has been out of my mind).

I tried to think positive on all the challenges ahead.  But now at this moment, I feel very tired and exhausted being a working adult, not to say I have to take care of a little one next year.  Asking myself how can I handle all these?  Be a full time mom and without a job, how can we handle the bills?

Being a long term planner, I must be prepared for everything for this little one even up to uni studies. Sometimes, I do feel that I am not ready for these challenges.

I have take the path that what society perceived it is supposed to be.  I have career and family.  BUT.  I have career (that I never wanted to be) and family (that I am not ready to nurture).  I forgo my dreams.  I salute my parents that did these and never regret about it.

I am 17th week I enjoy the experience now. I hope both of us will be strong to overcome all the challenges ahead, and live a happy life.  I pray for your healthy and safe arrival.  We love you.





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