Hanoi – Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island

Woke up early in the morning for tai chi class – it never ever crosses my mind that tai chi is so difficult.



Day 2 breakfast on the boat


On traditional bamboo boat to Vung Vieng floating village

51 Pano view


Can see spot the hole? No?

53Can see now? Lol.  If you are good swimmer can swim thru the hole to China.


Day 2 lunch on the boat

The chef put in so much to prepare every meal and my mum feel in love with him.

After lunch, we headed to Cat Ba Island for cycling!


Au Co organic form


Organic tomatoes =)

After Cat Ba Island, we c ontinue with kayaking and nearly died wtf. Kayaking is so hard especially for people like me with small arms.

Today is super hungry with excessive of sports and if the chef still serve the 4-course dinner in petite size, we might murder him and practice cannibalism Lol!

God safe him!


Succulent BBQ buffet!


Our buffet spread!


Prepared with some artistic touch by the chef.

Birthday cake surprise for my dad again!

The night end with lots of foods and laughter =)







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