Hanoi, Vietnam

Everyone overslept no one join tai chi class so tai chi master got super upset with us hahahaha

Last breakfast on board with a heavy heart before we disembark Tuan Chau and head back to Hanoi


Vietnamese silk ’embroidery painting’

Be prepared to folk out 4 digit (RM) for all these painting but seriously I am not an art person!


Check in to Hotel de I’Opera Hanoi


Quite a decent hotel in the centre of city


Thick mattress is common in hotel. How about high platform like this one?? A lil high jump skill is needed! Lol


Dad refused to eat street pho so we random walk in to a restaurant just behind our hotel.

Quite happy with the food though but not the cake.


Opera house

Very special?


What attracted me is the traffic opposite opera house.  Notice no traffic lights at all!  We (pedestrian) just risk our life crossing the roads.


Had a walk surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake.


Visit the Chinese temple although left with half an hour time


Mummified turtle wtf! Not sure if it is real.


Hoan Kiem Lake – view from chinese temple

Passed by a very grand building and suddenly recalled the popular puppet show so suggest them to watch it.


Puppet animal


Puppet human. Oh no those human are real!


Dinner at opposite hotel

Beef pho! Quite delicious but still wondering how come the soup base is clear unlike those we had in Australia with thick beef stock. Maybe the beef in Australia is fattier.   读万卷书不如行万里路.  This statement is so true!


Had an enjoyable coffee time at Highland Café before we head to the airport. Please come here for Vietnamese ice coffee (no other coffee drinks).

I think this trip is quite successfully planned (by me) and please agree with me if anyone of you read it :p

Ok I end my post with how to make a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee.


Oh sorry!  Before that, let me share some local produced beers.  Kampai!


Here you go!







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