BB Diary – EP2

17 Oct 2014 – BB your bed (to be exact play pen) arrived today. Your papa sweats so much to put up the bed for you. It is so difficult to find a mattress to fit the size of the play pen. You may need to sleep without a mattress!

21 Oct 2014 – Your papa bought an extra beanie pillow cover for you. I hesitated because it is just a simple cloth which costs 8 bucks (after discount). But your papa insisted that this cover was meant to be yours because you are a horse year baby.


24 Oct 2014 – Today is the day! Your papa long-awaited baby fair. However, we were so disappointed because this is the lousiest fair ever. Bright side was we got you mamy poker diapers and an infant car seat which your papa thinks is a must-have because you are too fragile to sit in a stoller. Can you imagine us hand-carried and walked back home with your diapers and car seat? Your papa loves you more than himself.


28 Oct 2014 – BB we bought you the first toy. Your papa said wants to distract your attention during bath time so please help your papa because it is not easy to handle a newborn all by himself.


29 Oct 2014 – Today mama went for gynae visit. Your papa can’t make it to say hello to you. Gynae said mama lack of blood because all consumed by BB. So from today onwards, mama needs to take iron pill to boost my blood level so total 4 pills wtf. Hope my blood level will spike and no need go for injection in the next visit.


30 Oct 2014 – We plan to do your laundry soon so today we unpacked all your cute onesie, pajamas, swaddle, towel, mitten, caps.



One more month to go and so many things still undone.  We still don’t have a name for you…

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