BB Diary – EP 4

This could be my last BB diary as I am very close to my EDD and anxiously waiting for my BB to deliver.  Natural birth is so unpredictable omg!

27 Nov 2014 – Papa prepared red dates/ black dates/ mi zhao/ longan/ dangshen for mama’s confinement.


28 Nov 2014 – 3rd present from mama’s colleague but papa said the feather not good to baby oh.


Oh baby bed sweet bed 🙂 Papa and mama can’t wait to put you into your lovely bed!


At the very same night, papa and mama have the biggest nightmare of the year!  Our kitchen was conquered and terrorised by flour mites.  OMFG who the hell on earth know who is flour mites?  I still feel very awful writing it now.

Flour mites are as small as dust.  No way to spot them using our human naked eyes.  That’s why we don’t realise until it spread all over the kitchen cabinets.

We clean until 5am wtf!  And we made a big mistake by putting all the stuff back to the cabinet immediately after cleaning.

29 Nov 2014 – The next day we found then whole loads of flour mites again wtf.  Mama broke down emotionally. Again, we clean until 5am.

30 Nov 2014 – Lack of sleeps for 2 consecutive nights.  Both of us almost gone crazy liao.  Worst still flour mites never go away.  Mama gave up cleaning.  Papa no choice got to continue.  Mama told papa no hard and fast rule.  Must quarantine all the stuff for a period of time (like Ebola).

1 – 4 Dec 2014 – Poor papa got to clean with the strongest chemicals (bleach/ dettol/ ants powder) that we have. Finally, the situation is under control but our energy level dropped to 0%.

5 Dec 2014 – Mama got you a swimsuit 🙂


7 Dec 2014 – Tmr is mama next gynae visit.  Last beef marathon.  Hopefully no need injection 😦


8 Dec 2014 – Thank god!  Mama blood level increased from 10 to 11.5.  Hooray! Doctor said no need injection 🙂

9 Dec 2014 – Mama too stress out for the past few weeks.  Papa ordered mama not to work anymore.  Mama suppose to eat and sleep until BB delivery.

10 Dec 2014 – Papa bought breakfast for mama.  Mama just being feed like a pig.


Christmas came early for mama.  Mama so touch by what papa wrote.  Mama will stay strong for BB.


BB when are you coming out?  Please give abit of indication to mama let us prepare first.





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