Life as a mother

I am grateful to be a mother of a cute but grumpy son.  Things have changed drastically for the last few months.  Life changed 360 degrees.  Huge Huge Huge commitment to a newborn.

My 24hrs committed to a newborn for feeding baby, burping baby, pumping milk, changing diapers, comforting baby and laundry.  I went into depression the first week.

Right after I am back to Malaysia my parents are by my side.  My dad welcome my baby with a warm baby cot all assembled by himself. While my mum cooked for me everyday without fail.  She is the best confinement lady ever.  The dishes are top notch!

imageHerbal soup (as sweet as sugar with no msg at all.  Her soup is fool proof please no one can beat her soup)

imageHomemade Yong Tau Fu (texture super QQ which she prepared the fish glue from the scratch)

image Her style of fried chicken (super tender kampung chicken that she used in everything she cooked omg)

imageBoiled chicken essence

StimageGinger chicken, steam white promfret (cost RM70 please!) and stir fried garoupa (btw I have this fish almost everyday!)

I have recovered (considered) well physically and mentally.  My baby is also well taken care.  I am grateful to have my hubby and parents by my side.

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