Welcome to my blog 4in1blog.wordpress.com 🙂

How did my blog name came about?

My initial intention when I set up my blog was to cover 4 interesting topics (below) but I ended up with only food and travel which cover 80% of my activities.  20% would be just doing housework, watch movie and sing K occasionally.  Yes.  I know I am such a boring person.

1) Life is all about FOODies!

2) TRAVEL 360 degree

3) Bye bye to ugly duckling…I want to be BEAUTIful!

4) How to walk out from poverty thru INVESTMENT?

So meaning I don’t want to be beautiful?

Oh a big “NO” for this question.  Who on earth don’t want to be beautiful you tell me?

I tried fake lashes but failed.  I felt so irritated and I can’t be myself.

I am good enough to go out with makeup base (basically to cover pimples), eyeshadow (nude colour), eyeliner (I guess to make my eyes look bigger?) and blusher (to give a bit colour on my face because many ppl said I look pale).

But really I don’t have much to offer for beauty tips and products.  Maybe mine is more on inner beauty Lol!!!

So meaning nothing we can do to be rich well off?

There are so many things we can do.  But I stick to 3 principles – SGD Lol.  Please ar not Singapore Dollar!

S – Study hard/ Save hard hard !

G – Grab every opportunities

D – Dare to invest (of cause with calculated risk)

The key principles SAVE and INVEST.  Save as hard as possible during your early working years when you have no commitment at all.

I read an article on how can you buy a car and a flat in 5 years time, which I think is interesting to share.

Let’s say you are earning $2000, divide into 5 portions: $600, $400, $300, $200 and $500.

First portion is for living expenses.

Second portion is for entertainment.  $100 for phone bills.  $300 to buy meals ($150 each meal) for those people who are more thoughtful and richer than you.  After one year, you will have bigger circle of friends.

Third portion is for books and training.

Forth portion for travel.

Fifth portion is for investment and emergency use.

($20 per day possible?  One starbucks drink costs $10.  Not to mention about celebrations.  But the entertainment portion I think it is really brilliant.  I never thought of that before.)

How many ppl from Gen X and Y can do this? Please share with me :p

Okay that’s all about me.  Enjoy reading my blog 🙂

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice write up. I (nearly) getting through 2 out of yr 4 topics; 1st & 2nd but still having a hard time on the 3 and 4th as I cant get any beautiful as I am a guy but maybe more fitter and lastly for walking out of poverty… that is a learning process which I need to save more and also need time (which I am losing day by day) lol!!

      • Yup… guess everyone is doing that; build a better future. To me, time is not equal to money. Time does not wait for anyone and goes even faster when you get older, and to make things worse… money doesn’t grow as grow or move as fast as time. It is more like a Time (rabbit) and the Money (tortoise) chasing each other. I just hope that in this race…. the money can catch up with the time before I reach my ‘finishing’ line. haha…

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