BB Diary – EP2

17 Oct 2014 – BB your bed (to be exact play pen) arrived today. Your papa sweats so much to put up the bed for you. It is so difficult to find a mattress to fit the size of the play pen. You may need to sleep without a mattress!

21 Oct 2014 – Your papa bought an extra beanie pillow cover for you. I hesitated because it is just a simple cloth which costs 8 bucks (after discount). But your papa insisted that this cover was meant to be yours because you are a horse year baby.


24 Oct 2014 – Today is the day! Your papa long-awaited baby fair. However, we were so disappointed because this is the lousiest fair ever. Bright side was we got you mamy poker diapers and an infant car seat which your papa thinks is a must-have because you are too fragile to sit in a stoller. Can you imagine us hand-carried and walked back home with your diapers and car seat? Your papa loves you more than himself.


28 Oct 2014 – BB we bought you the first toy. Your papa said wants to distract your attention during bath time so please help your papa because it is not easy to handle a newborn all by himself.


29 Oct 2014 – Today mama went for gynae visit. Your papa can’t make it to say hello to you. Gynae said mama lack of blood because all consumed by BB. So from today onwards, mama needs to take iron pill to boost my blood level so total 4 pills wtf. Hope my blood level will spike and no need go for injection in the next visit.


30 Oct 2014 – We plan to do your laundry soon so today we unpacked all your cute onesie, pajamas, swaddle, towel, mitten, caps.



One more month to go and so many things still undone.  We still don’t have a name for you…


BB Diary – EP 1

I know I am quite late on this but late better than nothing right? I try to recall as much memories as possible.

Mar 2014 – We found out we have you. Mama got some blood spotting so mama thought the normal period came so papa was disappointed. Mama then found out the period is so irregular and strange so decided to buy the pregnancy test stick. 2 test sticks to have double confirmation wtf. 2 tested positive so mama broke the news to papa but papa’s reaction was cool (not until we got further confirmation from doctor).


12 Apr 2014 – We celebrated your popo 60’s birthday.  Popo also born in the horse year so popo is 5 rounds bigger than you.


7 May 2014 – BB first ultrasound scan. BB not form yet but papa was so happy to hear the loud heartbeats for the first time. First time mama feel human is so amazing.

May/ Jun 2014 – We bought your first outfit – pajamas’ wtf. We can’t wait for gynae to review your gender so we bought a neutral colour (white).


We have no idea why mama lost weight for the first 3 months so we were quite worried but doctor said is normal for some people but papa blame mama for doing too much housework.

26 Jul 2014 – BB first overseas trip to Bangkok. Mama drank lots of Hokkaido milk for BB.  You are such a lucky BB because both papa and mama don’t get to travel as young as you do.


6 Aug 2014 – Mama got an emergency call from nurse for early appointment for your check up because gynae got an emergency delivery.  Worst thing is today had the ‘heaviest rain’ ever and mama got to walk to the clinic from the mrt with a weak umbrella then almost got blown away by the ‘strongest’ wind.  At this moment, mama think how good if we got a car.  Papa also got disappointed because he missed both your ultrasound and detailed scan at the hospital.  Such a bad day but one thing positive is BB’s detailed scan results are normal.

10 Aug 2014 – BB second overseas trip to Taipei. You may not be the luckiest BB but you are luckier than many other BB. Lol


22 Aug 2014 – We went to ‘Supermom fair’ by coincident. Our very first experience at this type of fair so we have no idea what to do/buy. Mama focused on buying (grabbing) cute apparel for you but papa got frustrated with mama because he missed out the cheap baby carrier babybjon and nagged mama for a good few weeks.

3 Sep 2014 – Gynae told us we have a small BB of 1.1kg (standard 1.4kg).  Mama got so worried because mama does not have huge appetite although pregnant.  Papa got upset with mama again.  From today onwards, mama decided to drink milk/soya everyday and snack everyday in office.

7 Sep 2014 – Today is mama’s birthday. Papa bought a big bouquet of pink roses for mama. This is the second bouquet I received from your papa in 10 years as a reward of having you – papa’s precious.


20 Sep 2014 – We bought milk bottle for you and manual breast pump for mama but mama still unsure whether got milk for you or not.

2 Oct 2014 – We went to Babymarket fair. This time round we are so much well prepared than the last round. We managed to grabbed a few stuffs for you – your playpen cum bed (still waiting for delivery), some apparels, your latex pillows and most importantly your babybjon. Papa can’t wait to carry you with the babybjon. This time round, papa got upset again because he missed out your diapers and we are leaving tomorrow to see gonggong and popo.

4 Oct 2014 – We bought the first gift (insurance) for you. You are a lucky BB because both papa and mama bought our first medical insurance at our early 20’s.

6 Oct 2014 – We went to USS with gonggong and popo. Mama got so upset because not allowed to take all the rides but feel glad because gonggong and popo took some rides and achieved another milestone at 60’s.

13 Oct 2014 – Papa is so happy because he just knew that there will be another baby fair this month and he can stock up all your diapers.