The day my post marked 100 views!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

My post hits 100 views on 3 Oct 2012 (obviously I used tactic Lol).

 I have been very very very busy but I will continue to try my best to keep my blog updated!  Just like now I am still writing my blog at 1am.

 Thanks for all the support and love for my blog for the past 4 months and I’ll promise I will continue to deliver interesting and informative post.

 Thank you!

Do you all know that McDonald has stopped giving coffee-mate? I do understand the rational of it as I have witnessed that there were so many folks took so many packets (sometime can fill up a small plastic bag).

This is a really bad news for tea drinker like myself.  You are only given 2 choices, i.e. with milk or without milk. 

Tea with milk.  This cup of tea is totally not drinkable!  Milk is definitely not a good replacement for coffee-mate or condensed milk.

 So McDonald, as a big fast food chain, please do something about it!