Murtabak@Singapore Zam Zam (North Bridge Road)

Roti Prata and Telur (Egg)


Briyani rice with lady’s finger and curry mutton


(Please note they don’t allow you to order rice like how we order ‘chai fan’.  You must be seated)

Guess who I saw…


Punggol ex-MP!  Wondering why he was there wearing formal attire…

Rating corner



697 N Bridge Rd  Singapore 198675
6298 6320


The day my post marked 100 views!

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

My post hits 100 views on 3 Oct 2012 (obviously I used tactic Lol).

 I have been very very very busy but I will continue to try my best to keep my blog updated!  Just like now I am still writing my blog at 1am.

 Thanks for all the support and love for my blog for the past 4 months and I’ll promise I will continue to deliver interesting and informative post.

 Thank you!

Do you all know that McDonald has stopped giving coffee-mate? I do understand the rational of it as I have witnessed that there were so many folks took so many packets (sometime can fill up a small plastic bag).

This is a really bad news for tea drinker like myself.  You are only given 2 choices, i.e. with milk or without milk. 

Tea with milk.  This cup of tea is totally not drinkable!  Milk is definitely not a good replacement for coffee-mate or condensed milk.

 So McDonald, as a big fast food chain, please do something about it!