Japan – the food I love!

#1 Egg ice cream in Mt. Hakone, matcha and vanilla milk ice cream in Osaka Castle


#2  Japan’s beers.  Never go wrong with Suntory Premium.


#3 Fresh blended juices at Shin-Osaka station.  Strawberry one is the best.  Hot drinks at convenient stores/ vending machines.


#4 Kyogashi (Ichigo daihuku) from Nara and Japan strawberries and melon!


#5  Rojak lol! Major love the wasabi sauce from Mcdonald.


#6 From Kyoto except the donut and cake.  The light cheesecake was bought in one of the supermarket in Umeda.


#7 Bento!  Last one beef bento was from Yoshinoya cheap and delicious!


#8 Souveniers


Tokyo banana (original flavour and caramel)

Kit Kat green tea, sakura and ichigo

Kyoto special round cake

Tiny dough cake from Namba

Nara biscuit

#9 Had them for supper omg!  Ippudo cup noodles wtf!  Must buy the first one.

76There are making me really hungry now!  I go grab a cup noodle :p


One Michelin Star – Tim Ho Wan

Have been MIA for ages guys!  I am back because no reason for me not to blog about this one Michelin star restaurant!


Lol!  This is not the Michelin that I am talking about.

Had dim sum for dinner all because it is a Michelin restaurant!


Good decent dim sum especially the polo BBQ pork bun.  3 for $4.50 is consider super value for money!  Ma lai go is fluffy but not the best that I had.  Pork liver chee cheong fun and carrot cake are definitely overrated!

What impressed me is their service. Staff is polite and attend to our every request, although it was so crowded.

Alrite!  This is my virgin Michelin experience 🙂  I hope I can contribute more Michelin posts soon!