Short Gateway to Bangkok (Part 2)

Day 2 is also food adventure day :p


Pre-breakfast is Hokkaido milk and hello kitty donuts before heading out for breakfast! So upset hello kitty is not a cat now (if you know what I mean Lol)


Roast Coffee & Eatery, Thonglor.

Waited for about 1 hour this explained why we need to have pre-breakfast. Personally I won’t queue 1 hour for food la but we walk so far from BTS Thonglor (20mins) so bo bian.


Jones Orphanage, Thonglor (just right below Roast Coffee). Seen so many positive reviews on this café so give it a try. The cake is real disappointed and pricy. Basically you come here for ambience.

Took cab to Heathland (Asoke) abt 100thb costs slightly more than BTS only. Cab can be cheaper for 2 pax and above with no traffic jam.


Before dinner, we had complimentary drinks at the hotel lobby 🙂


Dinner at Coca Steamboat, Siam Square.

The ala-carte menu here sounds more reasonable than Singapore.  Look at those baby squids!


Supper is mango sticky rice from Mae Varee, Thonglor.


Mc D pork burger for breakfast with all the money we have. Burger only we cannot even afford to order set wtf.


Soi Cowboy is just few minutes away from our hotel if you guys are interested! One street that is completely quiet in the day and absolutely “happening” in the night.

Every BKK trips have some interesting story with the cabby. This time round is trip to airport. Confirmed cabby turned on the meter but he wanted to charge 500thb. We refused because meter + highway charges about 250thb. The cabby not happy and grumble with the airport staff in thai. At the end gave him 300thb and walk away. I always thought cabbing in Thailand is better than Bali but this is not the case anymore.

Plan to buy 2 mango sticky rice with the left over money but short of THB20 wtf.  So can only buy 1 and used all the balance to eat the cheapest food available in the airport.


In-flight dinner meals were rather bad and tasteless.


Bangkok.  We will not see you at least for the coming 5 years i think?








Short Gateway to Bangkok (Part 1)

This trip is very meaningful to us because we no longer travel as couple (our pre-born baby is onboard with us such a lucky baby).


Tried vegetarian-oriental meal (breakfast) for the first time not too bad if you needed a quick fix.  Surprisingly, the fried hor fun in Thai style not too bad too.

Check in to Grand Millennium Sukhumvit. Never expect too much on BKK hotel due to the first disastrous experience with Amari Watergate. Surprisingly Millennium is not too bad. Location quite good also (5mins walking distance to BTS and Terminal 21) though not near to the few popular shopping malls (Plantinum, Central World). This trip is solely eat and relax so nevermind.


Our room


Morning and night view from our room


Som Tam Nua – Siam Square branch

Thought it would be long queue (on sat) but no queue at all!

After lunch, we walk to Central World from Siam Paragon using the connecting bridge. Using pedestrian bridge is highly recommended! On our last trip we took cab and it never reach due to the massive jam and sat night market wtf. I also notice fewer tuk tuk nowadays (can anyone please enlighten me?).

Strongly recommend Central World for Naraya shopping.

Before the shopping war begins, we need some dessert to cool us(me) down.


After You – Shibuya honey toast (thick but the fluffiest toast ever no joke!)

Me too craze for Naraya during the last 2 trips as a tourist. You will feel like buying the whole shop back and I even spotted people use the baby pram because the basket is too small! I don’t do this anymore because I still have the stock from 3 years ago! So my focus for this trip is travel size bags for baby stuff (#Iam entering auntiehood).

Nothing much to show from Platinum mall because I spent less than 15mins wtf? I will grow horizontally in the coming 6 months so no point buying slim free size dresses =(

Since not much shopping I can do so decided to have early dinner. Lol


Ban Khun Mae – Siam Square (walking distance from Som Tam Nua)

Whole table of foods only costs about $20?

We went into food coma so decided to abandon our dessert plan at Mango Tango (also at Siam Square).

No coffee/ tea for me so stock up more milk!


Hokkaido milk. One special counter only to sell dairy products!  How easy my breakfast for tomorrow is fixed =)