Sydney Biz Trip – Apr’12 (Part 2)

Part 2

Day 5

We joined the day tour to Sydney Blue Mountain.  The tour guide picked us from our hotel.


Featherdale Wildlife Park


First time saw Koala awake lol



Three Sisters in Blue Mountain.  The commonly told legend of the Three Sisters is that three sisters (‘Meehni’, ‘Wimlah’ and ‘Gunnedoo’) lived in the Jamison Valley as members of the Katoomba tribe. They fell in love with three men from a neighbouring tribe (the Nepean tribe), but marriage was forbidden by tribal law. The brothers were not happy to accept this law and so decided to use force to capture the three sisters. A major tribal battle ensued, and the sisters were turned to stone by an elder to protect them, but he was killed in the fighting and no one else could turn them back. [Wikipedia]


Blue Mountain #1 Took cable car up the hill


Blue Mountain #2 Panoramic view 1


Blue Mountain #3 Panoramic view 2


Blue Mountain #4 Oh my don’t how to describe this but really fun and exciting rided this down the hill!


Blue Mountain #5 Took cable car up the hill again lol


Blue Mountain #6 Ice cream =)


Blue Mountain #7 Giant burgers for lunch


Had a walk at the town and found this funny seat lol



Chophouse #1


Chophouse #2


Salad and house beer =)


My fish…i think it is snapper :p


Perfect steak yum!

Day 6


We decided to head to Sydney Fish Market for breakfast.


See the crowd!


WOW…soooo fresh!


OMG! Lobster my favourite =) =) =)



Cheese-baked lobster yum!



Seafood platter. Super love the abalone!



Sashimi and raw abalone.  I thought the abalone will be the same as the seafood platter but not really.  This one very crunchy but tasteless (Did I just said abalone is tasteless LOL)



Oysters!  You can find oysters in almost all the stalls in Sydney Fish Market.  They are really so fresh from the sea.  I normally don’t eat raw food but I enjoyed the oysters so much =)


We haven’t had enough of oysters so I die die also want to take-away for lunch with Aus beer – Hann. But the oysters hydrated liao…


…and some yummy fruits


Oh Ya! I forgot to mention that the main purpose of extending this trip!  To visit my university (UTS) =) I never had a chance to study abroad but I did my degree with UTS under the twinning program with Taylor’s College. What is twining program?  It means instead of going abroad you have a choice to complete your degree in the local partnership university. My uni back then offered twinning program of 1+2 (1 year locally and 2 years in Aus), 1 ½+1 ½, 2+1, 2 ½ + ½ and 3+0. So I did the 3+0 lor =(


Dinner at Malaysia Mamak.  Always long queue one since the first day I came to this place.  We came here before 6pm also queue for half an hour!  Definitely must try our food here.



Roti kosong



Mee Goreng.  It is about RM30 a plate but we love this and we thought it is better than Malaysia!

Good job Malaysia Mamak!


Beautiful Sydney Harbour night view #1


Beautiful Sydney Harbour night view #2


Beautiful Sydney Harbour night view #3

Some beautiful sightseeing pictures…NOT taken by me


Manly #1

57 Manly #2

Manly #2

58 Lady Bay Beach (Naked Beach) #1

Lady Bay Beach (also known as Naked Beach) #1

59 Lady Bay #2

Naked Beach #2 (18 SX!)


The cliff…arh…duno where liao…

61 Bondi Beach #1

Bondi beach #1

62 Bondi Beach #2

Bondi beach #2



Sydney Biz Trip – Apr’12 (Part 1)

Part 1

I only have 4D3N for my real personal trip but don’t worry I have a lot of nice foods to share!

Day 1

The Sydney Airport.

Checked in to Radisson Blu Hotel.

Had a walk in the city

Saw this beautiful heritage building…

It was Easter Day… =)

Dinner at Fish at the Rocks (29 Kent Street).  We had a hard time finding the restaurant. I was not feeling well in the very first day because of the bad weather (rain + wind) wtf =( =( =( But the food is good la.

Some snacks I thought is good to share =)

Day 2

Light lunch near office

Dinner at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant (Sussex st).  We did not order seafood because I have no appetite.  Again we have to walk very far (and rain) so my situation worsen! I confirmed I was down with flu!   Took Panadol Max for the entire trip -__-

Day 3

Dinner at Chophouse (Bligh Street near Circular Quay).  I’m still not recovering so no appetite.  Ordered the smallest portion of the dish here (not too small tho) =(

Day 4

Tadah!!! Sydney landmark…Sydney Harbour Bridge.  I’m down with flu so never climb.

More Sydney Harbour Bridge…

Finally got to see the Opera House. Halo Opera House! I’m here =)

This is also the place where my digital camera of 8 years fell and spoiled wtf

Lunch at Opera House.  Look nice but not nice -__-

Dinner at Neptune Palace Restaurant (Alfred Street near Circular Quay).  Managed to took 1 photo only (by colleague) because my digital camera was dead.

Day 5

After 4 days of disastrous work, finally my real trip start =)

As we can’t afford to stay at the same hotel, we moved to another hotel.

Checked in to PARKROYAL Darling Harbour. No regret we stayed at this hotel because it is pretty near the harbour and we got it for quite a good deal at www.worldwideholidays.com.au

Early dinner at Chat Thai (Pitt Street)

After dinner, we went for a walk at the harbour and had Gelato =)  The weather is super cold and yet so many people queing for ice cream!

Stay tune for part 2!