Japan – the food I love!

#1 Egg ice cream in Mt. Hakone, matcha and vanilla milk ice cream in Osaka Castle


#2  Japan’s beers.  Never go wrong with Suntory Premium.


#3 Fresh blended juices at Shin-Osaka station.  Strawberry one is the best.  Hot drinks at convenient stores/ vending machines.


#4 Kyogashi (Ichigo daihuku) from Nara and Japan strawberries and melon!


#5  Rojak lol! Major love the wasabi sauce from Mcdonald.


#6 From Kyoto except the donut and cake.  The light cheesecake was bought in one of the supermarket in Umeda.


#7 Bento!  Last one beef bento was from Yoshinoya cheap and delicious!


#8 Souveniers


Tokyo banana (original flavour and caramel)

Kit Kat green tea, sakura and ichigo

Kyoto special round cake

Tiny dough cake from Namba

Nara biscuit

#9 Had them for supper omg!  Ippudo cup noodles wtf!  Must buy the first one.

76There are making me really hungry now!  I go grab a cup noodle :p


Japan trip (Osaka Castle-Nara)

The long awaited (Lol! I mean myself) post is here guys!

If you are travelling on free and easy and more than 1 city (for example from Tokyo to Osaka), strongly recommend you to grab the JR Pass (min 7 days).  I would recommend 10 days/ 2 weeks if you would like to cover both Osaka and Tokyo because my 8 days trip was hell to rush.  Otherwise, do a separate trip because nowadays budget airlines are flying to both Tokyo and Osaka directly too! So awesome isn’t it?



My another mid-night flight again! Arrived early in the morning at the Tokyo airport and took a bullet train (Shinkansen) straight to Osaka, about 3 hours.

Fist thing first.  Bento!

Crazily looking for bento in every Shinkansen stops.  I would say it is more difficult to buy a proper bento in the smaller station so lesson learned buy at the main station!


Bought this bento in one of the smaller station for ¥ 1000 wtf!  We thought is okay la for our virgin experience.  Lol!  You can get a decent rice or sushi bento for about ¥500-800.


Since we were too early and couldn’t check in to our hotel (3pm), we headed to Osaka Castle.  (this is the first time I couldn’t get to check in early eventhough we pay for the upgrade.  This is how strict Japanese are!)

I think no more descriptive words needed. I will let the pictures to do all the talking. (Apologies if the pictures are too small because I was too greedy that I want to consolidate all the nice photos in one photo size)


Just at the entrace of Osaka Castle.


On the way to Osaka Castle.



Inside the Osaka Castle.

FYI, it is free entrace and it is so beautifuly maintained.


Matcha and vanilla milk ice cream. Really fell in love with Japanese ice cream. Soft, milky and just melt in your mouth. Not too sweet and now I believe how “precise” the Japanese are.

Takoyaki. Supposed to be the Osaka’s signature but it did not surprise me.

Alrite! Time to check in to our hotel!


Hotel Elsereine Osaka at Umeda.


Sweet wedding theme hotel (white and red combi).

It may look a little smaller but it is consider as one of the best hotels in town.


Dontobori/ Namba Street.

To my surprise, there were a lot of “ladies” standing in the middle of the street keep approaching people (man), especially those with formal attire.


Our first bowl of ramen in Japan and in tatami style Lol.


Yakisoba for supper!

We are supposed to head to Kyoto on day 2 but something shocking happened!  The camera fell and the screen cracked wtf.

Since we need atleast 2 days to cover Kyoto so we decided to brought forward Nara.


Osaka station.

Without delay, had some light brunch at Nara station (one hour from Osaka by train).



No research done at all but we found this best ever bakery.


I call this wild-deer park.

The deers will come close to you for food!  So please becareful with you kids.



Todaiji temple.

You might be wondering why the pictures are all the same angles. We never paid for entrance to the Todaiji Temple and Big Buddha but still manage to take a few pictures of one the oldest and largest temples in Japan.


At least I got myself a Buddha wtf. For my mother actually. I am sure she loves it!


Lunch at 志津香

Famous stone rice. Strongly recommend the seafood (without set).

Randonly bought Kyogashi (Ichigo daihuku) for ¥250 not knowing that it is one of the favourite foods in Kyoto (beside Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki).  In short, moji wrapped strawberry.


Just before the sunset, we managed to snap a few photos of Fushimi Inari Shrine. I think this place must be very famous for inari!

23Back to Shin-Osaka station for dinner.

Takoyaki and Udon. This takoyaki not too good either with a little small piece of octopus but wondering why the queue so long.  (In conclusion I still prefer the chewyTakoyaki in Orchard Ion this is way too soft)

Shin-Osaka is the place I love most in Osaka.  You can get almost all souvenirs (hello kitty, foods) in train stations seriously don’t be stupid like me!

You can never cover a Japan trip in one post.  So please stay tune for my coming posts :p