New Zealand (North Island) Trip – Hahei (Part 1)

Before my memory faded, I got to put up this post that was long long overdue!!!

We flew with Jetstar for 11 hours flight wtf!  We were amazed…the aircraft is quite comfy and new (but no free food and drink).  You get what you paid rite!


Pre-ordered in-flight meals were quite ok.


The best way to get around in New Zealand is by self-drive.  This little car was from Go Rental good for two =p


MOO ~ we are at the land of Fernleaf!


Fantastic weather even during summer!  Yes summer in NZ is not really a summer.  It was pretty much like an autumn but it can be a little hot in the afternoon.  Southern part is generally cooler.


Can I live in this piece of land?


The scenery is way too beautiful that we got to stop at almost each and every corner of NZ to snap a picture :p (This is still so true in my today’s memory)

Feeling excited to have our first meal in NZ – Coromandel Mussel Kitchen


I love this place so much that I have decided to hold my wedding reception here wtf!


After a long overnight flight, we were so tired and hungry!  Bring all the mussels nao!  Didn’t we know that the kitchen closed early that day for a evening wedding preparation wtf.  There goes all my chili mussels, garlic mussels 😦 The owner kindly offered the pre-packed mussels (no fish got prawn also ok Lol).


Love this smoked chili mussels omg!

This is why you have to buy Coromandel mussels because it is so good – big, fat and juicy.


Spellbound B&B

The owner – Alan and Barbara – a British couple from England but settled down in NZ for many many years!  As they were both retired, they earned income from their B&B business.


Entrance was quite simple but our room was very English style hor?


Special access to the garden =)


Breath-taking sea view from the garden!!13

Another amazing hill view!!!


I was living in a heaven house =p

Time for hot water beach (that’s our main purpose to Hahei) =D =D =D  Where got HOT water @#&*@ ? Freaking cold!!! Weather cold, water cold!  Got cheated big time @#&*&@

Before we got froze, we better leave for dinner.


The Church


So warm and comfortable finally!


Had our best-romantic-delicious-dinner such a perfect meal to end a long tiring day.

We woke up early in the morning anxiously looking forward to our breakfast (our first B&B experience please bear with me =p)


The breakfast area.  Can you believe Barbara prepared all these and I’m in love with her handmade bread =)


Dining area

We had breakfast with a German family who was their B&B guests too (we can’t speak Germans and they can’t speak English so we smile throughout the breakfast until my jaw drop wtf!


Before leaving Hahei, we went for a morning walk around


And also a ‘mini’ jungle tracking at Cathedral Cove


Quite mini rite hehehe


Be silent for a minute and take a deep breath – I found my long lost inner peace!