Taiwan (Taipei) Biz Trip – Sep 2012 (Continue…)

Lunch at Din Tai Fung.

I never expect that I can go to the original Din Tai Fung !!!

Food is nice =)  However, it is not as great as I expected and don’t have the fried prawn cake =(   Singapore franchise did a good job maintaining the standard.

Taipei Xinyi Restaurant

Address: No.194, Sec. 2, Xinyi Rd, Taipei City

Tel: 886-2-2321-8928

Dinner at Addiction Aquatic Development (Japanese food).

A very special eating place I visited so far in Taiwan. All made fresh and on-the-spot one! The only bad thing is they don’t have seat one, we need to stand throughout the dinner wtf.

Can you all spot the pregnant fish???

My second lot of shopping! The things I bought more than the things I bring OMG -__- I will have a very hard time to bring them back!

We went to two famous bakery shops but loooong queue (don’t ever go during mooncake festival!). So we went to Sunny Hills (Singapore also have one)!


Taiwan (Taipei) Biz Trip – Sep 2012 (Continue…)

OMG our Taiwan’s colleagues are treating us like king and queen.  We were really pampered by them these few days and I really don’t understand why Taiwan people can be so nice and friendly!!! (Singaporean and Malaysian please learn from them)

Day 2

Had a really bad day which I don’t know why I caught myself into such a situation!!!

Anyway, just ignore this shit and life still goes on.

Had breakfast in the hotel.

Snacks bought by colleagues in Taiwan.

Colleagues brought us for lunch.

Beef Noodles.

Cama café.  Freshly brewed coffee for TWD60 (SGD2.50) only!  My colleagues tried the latte and they commented too strong!  I like the ‘fuk gu’ concept of the store, which make me feel like I am back to the 60’s/ 70’s.  As far as I know, Singapore and Malaysia have not brought in such concept/ franchise.

Had Shabu Shabu for dinner.  We ordered 3 types of meat (Chicken, super thin sliced of premium beef and pork).  SHE also visited this restaurant before (spotted their signature)!

Day 3 

Colleagues brought us for lunch again.

Finally got to try local food (Mince pork rice, ‘bak wan’, pig blood cube, drunken chicken and wantan)  =)

Before even our stomach starts to digest, our colleagues prepared all these snacks for us (I super touched by their friendliness!)

Moreover, all these are very special snacks like the tea is from India (brought back by one of the colleague’s son), the peach from US, the pomelo is home grown and the yam cake (I super love this one!).

We went to SOGO for dinner. Had some dim sum and noodle because we were really too full!

The President biscuit!  Our Taiwan’s colleagues really make us ‘mad’ and paiseh!!! I just ask them weather they know this biscuit and they got us one box each person OMG!

And then they accompanied us down from the office building every day after work (I have no more words to describe them!)

They will bring us for lunch and dinner tomorrow too!  We bought them Royce chocolates and I hope they will like it 🙂