Phuket – my first ever trip!

My first ever overseas trip was to Phuket back in 2010. Well, this was not my first but atleast first in the age of 20s OMG!

I shall introduce my golden rule in terms of travelling, i.e. I can fly cheap but cannot eat and live cheap!

I took Air Asia and pre-booked a Pak Nasser’s nasi lemak combo with a very affordable price.  It comes with a minisize mineral water.   Simple but delicious.

We pre-booked a local agent to pick us from the airport.   They offer various services such as airport transfer, driver service, Simon show (aka aqua show), and etc.  I do not recommend this agent due to dishonesty.  We informed them that we want to cancel the night market trip and they promised to refund us the money when she sends us to airport.   But she cheated us she said she forgot to bring money and she said we can provide her our bank account she would TT the money to us.  We chase for a few times but she totally ignored us T_T  I rather she don’t promised us anything!

We stayed at The Nap Patong – new hotel back then in 2010. Although this is not a beach hotel but it is pretty near to the Patong Beach. 

Look at our room!  Private balcony + a cushion sofa and facing the pool!  What’s more that you want?  Thai people are very nice as usual.   Warm welcome by the hotel stuff and welcome fruits (instead of drink) haha.  Very healthy choice =)

The second picture is where we had our breakfast.  Very cozy area and the seating place is very comfortable.  Maybe this was my first overseas trip so everything to me is so perfect omg.

After checked in to the hotel we went out for a walk and early dinner (need to rush for the Simon’s show at night). Didn’t manage to buy anything so proceed for seafood dinner.

SAVOEY Seafood!!!  I think I shall not provide the restaurant address here (although many already knew it) because my frens said the food are overpriced.  They can find much cheaper ones with the same standard.  So I should not promote them more?  But I had my dinner consecutively 3 days here leh!  I know someone is scolding me rite now dunwan to provide but talk so much for wat? Hahaha.  PM me if you really want to find out.

Pineapple fried rice in a real pineapple!  This is the best pineapple fried rice I had in my life seriously.  I can never find back this taste T_T I must go back to Phuket someday.

Grill lobster. This is so yummy but the lobster is a bit small.  We purposely choose this size one lor because we want to save money. Haha.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention, we can choose the seafood.  Look at all the fresh seafood!!!  All fresh from the sea. Haha.

That’s all for our first dinner.  Actually 2 dishes for dinner not enough one lor but we insisted we want to save money for the rest of the trip.   So kelian travel shouldn’t be like that one rite?

Simon’s show.   I have never been to such show so I am pretty impressed by all these Thai people.  The show is quite up to the international standard.  I understand from my fren that this is considered quite small in scale, the one in Bangkok is so much better.

Omg.   ‘She’ is so much prettier than me. I really have to face the mirror and ‘fan xin’.

Second day

Patong beach is quite commercialise. You have to pay for the beach chair and the beach water is not so clear.  Tourist will usually join the local day tour to go Phi Phi island and other neighbouring islands.   Lunch and water are included and they will provide lots of fruits (cut on the spot and serve fresh one!).

Tadah…The signature mountains.  If you never see this before, please make one more trip to Phuket.  Actually this was taken from a very small island, the very first island the tour guide brought us there. Look at the crystal clear water!

See picture on the right…don’t you think this rock looks very unique? Guess what it look like? You all please don’t so ham sap la.

After a whole day of outdoor activities, we are so hungry and tired.  So we decided to eat nearby.  Oh yes, Savoey seafoond again!

Grill squid with special sauce.   This is my favourite dish.   The sauce is super nice to go with the squid. I have taken so much seafood but I don’t feel guilty at all when I am eating this. While blogging this also make me so hungry liao =(

Third day and the last day

Free and easy.   We decided to relax at the Patong beach and play some water sports but ended up with an argument so no more water sports  T_T   We did not rent any beach chair as we don’t want to support such money-minded idea.   Hahaha.  Joking la.  We wanted to save money actually.

Roti Naan (garlic and original), curry and fresh coconut for lunch. We packed these back from the nearby restaurant. This is really out of my expectation.  It is so delicious.  A lot of Nepalese working or married to Phuket.  I asked them why since Nepal is such a wonderful place to live in.  But these people have no choice to earn a living.

Dinner time. Savoey again!

The restaurant was so packed! The staff suggested us to go to another chain of restaurant (just rite opposite facing the beach).  It is suppose to be very romantic rite? But I don’t quite like it because the place is too dim.

Crab tang hoon, tom yam soup (red and clear versions) and vege.   I don’t really like the crab tang hoon because they put in some kind of fish sauce (yulu I think) which taste abit awful to me.

After dinner, we headed back to our hotel for drinks.

I gonna leave Phuket.  I will definitely miss this place so much.  I don’t mind  coming here again if I got a sponsor :p