Hanoi Westlake, Vietnam (Mini USA)

We plan this trip on dad’s request as a birthday gift for him. So sis and I thought how much can it cost for a trip to a developing country right? We never know it will cause a bomb. USD is the generally accepted currency and nearly all our bookings are quoted in USD (more atas than Malaysia and Singapore!). This explains why I call it ‘mini USA’ hehehe We had a 5D4N itinerary (2 days land and 2 days cruise). We stayed in 3 different accommodations over the 5 days wtf. We spent our first night in Westlake (another part of Hanoi) because we cannot make it for the cruise. Since it was also too risky to arrange the last 2 days on cruise (need to catch a flight in the afternoon), we decided to stay at Hanoi town for the last night. To my surprise, it turned out to be fine for my parents. The whole planning process was quit hectic though because there were tons of cruise to choose from. Granted my dad’s wish to bring my mum for a business class fight =) The priority check in was super useful in the return trip!


Waited my parents at the airport saw lots of flower bouquet and is a common welcome gift.


Check in the Intercontinental Westlake Hanoi.


Day and night views of the hotel.


Club room (with special access to lounge)


Beautiful view from our balcony


High tea at lounge


Freaking cold can’t swim really have nothing much to do so we walk around the hotel and surrounding Westlake.


Famous spot for wedding shoot.


Westlake view #1


Westlake view #2

The infrastructure is so much poorer than Malaysia due to the long history of war.


Had our first bowl of our long-awaited Vietnamese beef noodle (maggi mee + beef). Wtf we got cheated but still not too bad because we really needed hot soup!


Just on our way back to hotel, we decided to have early dinner because we gonna eat and drink again in the lounge later at night. Travel is about eat, drink, sleep (repeat) right?

15Petite food at the lounge


and lots of alcohol!


One of the best hotel breakfasts especially the French bakery section.

Our next 2 nights were all taken care by Au Co woohoo!