Hello all, this is my second travel post.  I am feeling abit lazy liao because need to choose, collate and edit the photos! With my 1GB broadband and old pc, it is really like going to hell.  But well, I will never give up bcos I like blogging 🙂

Perth! First trip to ang mo country :p Actually N years back, I have been to US and Canada but it was really very very long ago when I was a kiddo.

This time round I took Air Asia X.  We took the midnight flight and reached Perth early in the morning.  We went during autumn, weather is perfect, not to cold nor too hot.

Breakfast at Perth Town and shopping along the street.  MYER is the Singapore version of Tangs, etc.

Lunch at Fremantle!! Fish and chips, cilli mussels, beers and more fish and chips!

Fremantle is the port for Perth.  If I think of Fremantle I will think of FISH AND CHIPS (Foodie-minded)!  How about you?

See the walk way to the washrooms.  So unique rite. I miss Fremantle.

Second day – Wildlife park

Kangaroo – I believe if you see Kangaroo you’ll think of Australia!  Omg see this small boy guess he was playing or threatening the Kangaroo? Haha….children is so naive.

First time seeing wombat – see so cute!  It is a native to Australia.  I just googled and found out that it has an extraordinary low metabolism.  No wonder it is so fat and lazy.

Sheep sheeering show.  Now I only know lanolin cream is from the sheep skin!

Lovely Koalas.  You will hardly see them awake as they need to sleep 16 to 18 hours a day wth.  I wish I can sleep as much as Koalas :p

I can’t remember which day and where we had all these nice foods.  The last picture is a Chinese restaurant where we had our dinner for 3 consecutive days!

Third day – Margaret River

Do you all know that wine produced in Margaret River is sold internationally?  If you don’t believe, please see carefully when you shop for wine next time!

We stayed at Margaret Forest (2 rooms apartment) on our first night.  We actually wanted to stay at our neighbour apartment by Sime Darby but it was abit out of budget. Haha.  The town is quiet at night and not many restaurants around.  Luckily we made our own Malaysian’s style steamboat…don’t play play ar.

Vineyard visits.  We visited so many vineyards until I lost count! Keep tasting free wine.  Really like tasting free foods in Carrefour. Haha…very Kiasu family but we did spent ok we did bought a few bottles.

Actually we planned to stay 1 night in Margaret River but the night is getting darker and darker and impossible for us to drive back to Perth town so we decided to stay 1 more night!  It was so dark and we still couldn’t find a suitable apartment and we were so hungry like a tiger!  We finally found a nice apartment with a reasonable price so we quickly moved our luggage and all our rubbish to our apartment.   We had our leftover steamboat for dinner.  Oh please la is the leftover ingredients but we made the new soup base okay.

 Forth day – Margaret River…more

Vineyard visit again! We also visited chocolate, cheese and yoghurt factories.  Our ‘datuk’ said he had enough of Subway sandwiches and steamboat, he wants to buy us lunch!  We had a relaxing lunch in a Vineyard’s restaurant but surprisingly the bill came out to be quite reasonable.

On the way back to Perth town, we stopped by Busselton jetty.  Not much things tho but very nice view.  Blue sky and water.  Very good view for photo taking!  There is chargeable train ride I think to the edge of the jetty but we didn’t take the ride.

Oh no you can’t buy the durian at Busselton town.  The is just a random photo taken in the supermarket. The durians were frozen I duno why? I thought durian can last super long one need to be frozen one meh?

Time to say bye bye to Perth. I shall see you in 2013.